Rakefet Customers - Welcome to ShulSuite!


We have a new website! Please visit us at: http://shulsuite.com


We look forward to helping you understand the benefits of your upgrade from Rakefet to ShulSuite by Pogstone. Pogstone and Transparent Software, the creator of Rakefet have worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth upgrade process and to ensure 100% of your organization's data from Rakefet is in ShulSuite, and everything is accurate.

The owners of Transparent Software spent a lot of time researching different options before choosing ShulSuite as the upgrade path for their customers.

We are very proud of our profile in the Idealware report on synagogue solutions.

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Webinar Demonstrations

We have live, online demonstrations scheduled at least twice every week.  Seeing ShulSuite in action is the best way to understand how the website and database interact.

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Want to ask us a question?  Contact us via email. Or, give us a call at 888-760-0613.

How Can I sign up? What are the prices?

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Where will ShulSuite run? Do we need newer or updated computers?

ShulSuite runs in the Pogstone data center. You do not need to install anything on computers in the synagogue offices.  The only recommendation for the synagogue is that everyone has high-speed access to the Internet for the best experience.

Is my data secure? Who will have access to the synagogue data?

The Pogstone data center has top notch, industry-standard security.  ShulSuite is sustantially more secure and reliable than storing financial data on a PC connected to the Internet, where that PC is susceptiple to viruses, malware, hacking even when no one is using the PC. In most cases, nonprofits cannot afford the types of security measures to protect their own equipment that large data centers like ours use to protect their servers.  

Each person at the synagogue will have a unique user name and password that will allow access just to the information they need within ShulSuite. The synagogue can give different people different levels of access, depending on each person's role in the organization. There are additional security details here

What distinigushes ShulSuite from other products?

- Robust tools for designing online fill-out forms and collecting responses

- Mass email tools without synagogue ISP limits. Replaces Constant Contact and other similar tools. 

- Robust tools for defining custom columns/fields as needed, similar to creating fields in Microsoft Access or personal databases. eg track detailed information about who can drive, how many passengers they can carry, and any other columns/fields you need to define.

- Unlimited users! 

- Its already in use with over 5,000 organizations!  

- Allows members to create personalized fundraising pages, great for bar/bat mitzvah projects, fundrasing walks/runs/rides, or any special occasion. 

- Attach documents to contacts, transactions and/or activities. Great for attaching a rental agreement to the financial transaction. 

- Includes a great website, with restricted areas for members, committees and students. Great for education programs.  

- People only need a single user name and password to access all areas of the website, member's only areas, committee areas, and back-office features.  

- Children can login and participate with their teacher and classmates. They do NOT see their parent's sensitive information. 

- Anyone visiting the website can register for events, donate, fill-out various forms all without logging in. This covers newcomers and members alike. 

- Robust event and volunteer management and registration, including displaying the events on the website calendar, promoting events on the website home page, wait-listing, creating name badges, and handling paid events.  

- Robust tools for tracking interactions with people and organizations, such as recording phone calls and setting up a tickler to a future call. Assign activities to other people, such as a gabai assigning honors to people, or a program coordinator assigning tasks to a volunteer. (Assignee gets automatically notified)

- Project management area, great for tracking caring committee activities, membership inquiry processes, bar/bat mitzvah procedures, etc. 

- Support for credit cards, including automated repeating transactions.  No longer a need for a physical credit card machine/terminal or virtual terminal.   Also choose from many payment processing companies, such as Authorize.net, among many choices.  We can recommend quality processing companies as needed that are experienced with synagogues and Shul Suite. 

- Designed from the ground-up for the Internet, relationship building, membership and fundraising. Its not a rehash of a tired design.

- Fully Internationalized and multi-currency. Available in many languages including French, Spanish, and many more.  The software is already widely used in Europe, England, Australia, and many other countries. 

 - Build using one of the top 10 tools in the wider nonprofit industry, CiviCRM. See the Nonprofit Technology Network's report at http://www.nten.org/2009_ecosystem_report   It has a higher user-satisfaction rating than any of the other products rated. 

- CiviCRM in use by many high-profile organizations, such as the Grammys, the New York State Senate, Wikipedia, Greenpeace, and many others. 

- Mobile app right around the corner!

- Synagogues can share their custom reports with other synagogues!


What if the Internet is down? What happens to our ShulSuite database?

If your office loses its connection to the Internet, you can use a backup Internet connection. You probably already have this, as most modern smart phones can provide high-speed Internet access for 5 or more computers. 

You are far more likely to loose electricity, or be unable to get to the office due to poor weather than for the office to loose its Internet connection. 

If your office does not have such a Internet-capable smart phone, you can get a "personal hotspot" from most of the cell-phone carriers. For example, Verizon offers a "4G MiFi" device that is typically free after rebate. The MiFi device works anywhere you can get a cellular signal, and allows 5 computers to get high speed Internet access. Another company called "Clear" has a small device that will allow 8 computers to get on the Internet, from anywhere there is a cellular signal.

Even if your office loses its connection to the Internet, the ShulSuite database remains secure and available in our data center.  People visiting your website, working from home, or using an Internet hotspots would not be affected at all. 

What about people who work from home or travel frequently? How will they access ShulSuite?

They can use any Internet-connected device, such as a computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone. As long as the person has high-speed access to the Internet, they can use ShulSuite.

How will ShulSuite impact my bookkeeper?

Your bookkeeper will be using Shul Suite as the accounts receivable system for your organization.  So all checks, cash, credit cards and other types of income will be recorded in Shul Suite.  They will need to use QuickBooks, or another General Ledger package for their accounts payable and general ledger.   They will need to run a summarized export from ShulSuite periodically to send summarized financial data to the  general ledger.    ShulSuite financials can be sent to any software package that can import a CSV or spreadsheet. 

How will ShulSuite impact my members and potential members?

People visiting your new Shul Suite website will be able to register and pay for events, sign up for various activities, donate money, set up recurring payments, and much more.   If they log in to the members only area, they will have access to the members directory, their account history, pay their bills, and access other members-only information.

How will ShulSuite impact committee chairs, board members and lay leaders?

If the synagogue office allows it, authorized individuals will be able to access limited areas within Shul Suite.  For example, an event organizer will be able to see who registered for their event and send event reminders.   They will be able to effectively track their interactions with members and future members alike, and share this information with the staff.

How will my information from Rakefet get transfered into ShulSuite?

Within Rakefet, you can click on the "Export to Shul Suite" button, which will send your data to Pogstone. Pogstone will then import your Rakefet data into your new Shul Suite environment.   This should only be done once, when you are ready to start posting checks into ShulSuite and using ShulSuite every day.

Can we continue using our existing website in addition to ShulSuite?

Yes you can, its always the decision of the synagogue how many websites you have. The URL for ShulSuite will typically be www2.yourdomainname.org, while your existing website address will be unchanged. You can create hyperlinks on your primary website pointing to ShulSuite event registration pages, ShulSuite donation pages, and members-only features within ShulSuite.

In our experience, most synagogues make ShulSuite their only website, as they discover their older website is reduandant.

The website area within ShulSuite has the same top quality tools already powering millions of websites, including grammys.com, whitehouse.gov,  Popular Science, Amherst College and other websites.

Who should I call for support on upgrading to ShulSuite?

You should contact Pogstone Inc,  contact us by clicking here. You can also call us at 888-760-0613. 

Is ShulSuite the same product as Rakefet?

 No. ShulSuite existed as a competing product before the owners of Transparent Software announced their planned retirement schedule. Since ShulSuite is a different product that was not created by Transparent Software you will notice many differences between the two systems. Of course, ShulSuite is designed for a synagogue, and as such handles the needs of a typical synagogue.




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