Setting Up Yahrzeit Letters

Setting up your Yahrzeit Letters

There likely are people in your community that observe multiple yarhzeits within the same week/month. This one time Yahrzeit letter set-up insures that these letters are formatted properly.

1.  Go to: Mailings>Message Templates 

  • Click Add New Template.

2. Create a Template called Yahrzeit Reminder.  The reminder should look something like this:


Dear {contact.first_name},


Your loved one’s name will be read on {yahrzeit.rev_shabbat_after}.

May your loved one’s memory be for a blessing.


Congregation of Bedrock

Please consider a memorial donation by clicking here or by calling the synagogue office.

Save your template.

3. Create another template.  Call it something like "Yahrzeit Observance Details".

  •   This template should contain one paragraph that looks something like this:

Your dearly departed {yahrzeit.relationship_name}, {yahrzeit.deceased_name} who passed away on {yahrzeit.dec_death_english_date}, which fell on the Hebrew date of {yahrzeit.hebrew_date} has a yahrzeit approaching.

  • You will want to edit the language to reflect your congregation’s normal wording. 
  • You can use the appropriate mail merge tokens to merge information from the yahrzeit search. 
    • Tokens can be inserted by clicking on the blue word "Tokens" at the far right of the editor. 
  • Save your template.

Observing Hebrew Dates

4. Go to Administer>Localization>Hebrew Calendar.

  • Choose the template you created called "Yahrzeit Mourner Details" (or similar). 
  • Click 'Submit'.

Once you complete the yahrzeit set-up process, yahrzeit letters with one deceased observance will look like this:

Yahrzeit letters with multiple deceased observances will look like this:

Now you are ready to do your search and send your letters.  Here are those instructions.

212 Battery Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(877) 518-5845