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Jvillage Learn Webinar Archives

Mastering The Basics - Content Page Creation and Editing, WYSIWYG Tools, and Menus

Mastering The Basics - Creating Information Forms

Refining Your Techinique - Creating Calendar Events and Information Forms - 4/24/2014

Refining Your Technique - Editing with Blocks - 6/25/2014
Mastering the Basics - Basic Editing- 8/13/2014
Mastering the Basics- Curious about Calendars - 09/03/2014
Refining Your Technique - Payment Forms - 9/17/2014
Mastering the Basics - Rockin' Roller Image - 4/8/2015

Refining Your Technique - Best Practices - 4/22/2015

Refining Your Technique - Multi-Media - 5/27/15


Refining Your Technique - Menus and Navigation - 11/18/15

Refining Your Technique - Blogs - 2/24/16


Jvillage Grow Webinar Archives

Websites and More: Your Marketing Toolkit, presented by Steve Cony View the recording. 
How to Think Like a Marketer, presented by Jvillage Network View the recording. 
Coming Down from the Mountaintop: Ground Level Leadership, presented by Rabbi Naphtali Hoff View the recording. 
Make Your Camp or School Come Alive with Video, presented by Steve Cony View the recording.
Engage Your Members with Ease, presented by Jvillage Network View the slides.
Torah & Technology, presented by Rabbi Michael Mellen View the recording.
Understanding Google Analytics, presented by Jen Lieberman View the recording.


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